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Why Do People Think Flamingos Can't Fly

Why Do People Think Flamingos Can’t Fly?

Flamingos are actually skilled fliers in reality. They use their long wings and strong muscles to fly through the skies. But why do people think …

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Do Hummingbirds Fly At Night

Do Hummingbirds Fly at Night? (No, Here’s Why)

Many people often wonder what happens to hummingbirds at night after the sun sets. Do they stay active as they are during the day, or …

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A bird fly high in the sky

Do Birds Get Tired of Flying? (Find Out Here)

On average, birds travel as far as 16,000 miles during migration. Surprisingly, some species cover the entire distance in just one flight. They do not …

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How Do You Know If Ducks Are Mating

How Do You Know if Ducks Are Mating?

Duck mating behavior includes head-bobbing and flat-backing, which often leads to mating. Both males and females show their interest in courtship with head-bobbing in the …

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Do Birds Get Struck By Lightning

Birds vs. Lightning: Do Birds Get Struck By Lightning?

Lightning strikes seem quite fearful when you think about it, don’t they? These bolts can be harmful to humans and birds alike if stricken. You …

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Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs

Yes, Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs! – (Find Out How to Stop Them)

As you watch the bustling activity in your backyard, you notice squirrels darting about and can’t help but wonder, do squirrels actually eat bird eggs? …

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