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Do Birds Get Struck By Lightning

Birds vs. Lightning: Do Birds Get Struck By Lightning?

Lightning strikes seem quite fearful when you think about it, don’t they? These bolts can be harmful to humans and birds alike if stricken. You …

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Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs

Yes, Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs! – (Find Out How to Stop Them)

As you watch the bustling activity in your backyard, you notice squirrels darting about and can’t help but wonder, do squirrels actually eat bird eggs? …

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What Birds Eat Cracked Corn

What Birds Eat Cracked Corn? Attract birds with this Snack

Cracked corn is a fantastic bird feed when looking for an affordable yet healthy alternative for birds. Unfortunately, this readily available nutritious bird meal is …

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Can Birds Eat Oranges

Can Birds Eat Oranges? Is It Safe for Birds to Eat?

If you’ve offered fruits as snacks to your birds, did you ever think of giving oranges? You might wonder whether your feathered friends would approve …

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When Do Baby Birds Leave The Nest

When Do Baby Birds Leave The Nest? (Answered!)

Like other animals, baby birds leave their nests after a specific time. Though this significant life change can be dangerous, they take the leap. But …

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How Do Birds Find Bird Feeders

How Do Birds Find Bird Feeders in Your Backyard?

Birds are fascinating creatures to watch, and feeders can allow you to enjoy birding from your backyard. What can be more exciting than to see …

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